Do Your Underwear Fit You Correctly?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/21/2015 | 12:10 PM EDT

Ladies, please no more panty lines

It’s seen everyday and ignored by many women. Panty lines. While there are some women who could legitimately care less about their panty line being shown, there has to be a limit. I mean, come on. Are we really okay with our panty lines showing through that fabulous brunch date dress that fits our body perfectly? From the front, all looks fabulous. But from the back, there will be scrunching, bunching and digging from panty lines that completely throw the outfit off and sort of make us look…sloppy.


Sometimes I just wonder if women don’t see it, if they don’t care or if they had no other choice but to wear the underwear they wore because everything else was in their laundry bin. If the latter was the reasoning, I’d say just go commando.


I may sound judgmental, and I’m not trying to be. But I won’t front like I don’t feel some type of way when I see women not wearing the appropriate panty size for their bottom.  Because most of the time, the reason your panty line is showing is because they don’t fit you correctly. You’re not wearing the correct size.


Despite that I have a best friend who admitted that she could care less about her panty lines showing (I held my tongue after this admittance), I am going to assume that most women just really don’t know how their underwear are supposed to fit.


So, here are a few tips that may help those who actually want it.


They’re supposed to fit smoothly in the…

Crotch area. No excessive fabric should be visible. There should be no wind gaps in the front or back and no binding. It’s shouldn’t hurt when you sit down in your favorite pair, either. You should not get frontal wedgies or feel any digging. Smooth, flat and comfortable.


They’re supposed to cup the…

Buttocks. Unless they’re a thong, or maybe a cheekie or boy short. But any regular ole underwear should always cup your bottom. It shouldn’t rise up your cheeks or give you the ultimate wedgie every time you walk to the office bathroom.


The waistband should never…

Roll over or dig into your stomach or hips. It should lay flat and fit snug. It should also never be baggy.


They’re never supposed to cut you in the…

Thighs. Ever. This can give the appearance of rolls and also just be uncomfortable. If you battle with your panties cutting into your thighs, go ahead and invest in high-cut or French cut panties and call it a day.


Just please, no more panty lines.

(Photo: Chris Garrett/GettyImages)

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