8 Things Every Successful Woman Should Have in Her Purse

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/14/2015 | 03:59 PM EDT

We’re revamping the way you fill up your favorite fashion bestfriend: the purse. Yes, we pretty much carry around our lives in our purses, but in all honesty, there are a few things we successful women may want to make room for.


Mini notebook and pen:

You need this to jot down your million dollar ideas that you come up with on the go. Oh, and also the groceries you have to pick up after work. Sigh.


Your best nude lipstick or gloss:

You can never go wrong with your best nude. We’ve said this a thousand times. When in doubt, a nude lip color will work for any occasion. Find your best one, and then buy two. Keep one in your purse and one at home. You’ll be happy you did this.


Business cards:

Even if you don’t own your own company, having business cards that showcase your talent, offer your email and best professional contact number is vital for every successful woman. Plus, it’s easier to slip that guy (or woman) you’re not so sure about your business card in case you’re not ready to give up your personal information.


Gum or mint:

No one likes stank breath. Stock up and pop them in whenever you need to.



Again, this is one of the beauty product must haves for any woman. Eyeliner gives your eyes an immediate pop and won’t require a full face of makeup to accommodate it. You can easily look made up with eyeliner.


A mauve or bronze colored blush:

Two reasons. For one, blush can and will warm up your face whenever you’re feeling dull. And two, it can double as an eye shadow as well.


Pressed powder:

The final thing every woman should have in her purse is a pressed powder. They’re usually compact (and come with a mirror), so you won’t take up too much space. But, pressed powders not only will give you a quick touch up in desperate situations, but will also keep your skin from becoming too oily throughout the day.


A 10 or 20-dollar bill:

For emergencies, only. Take out cash, fold it up really small and put it at the bottom or your most used bag or in a credit card slot in your wallet. This way, you’ll forget about it…until you’re in a situation and you need it.

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