3 Cute Ways to Ride a Bike in Style

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/10/2015 | 10:28 AM EDT

Do you live in a city where all you see are bikers, trekking to work and back? Do you ever wonder: how do they do that and still show up to work looking cool and confident? Well, I do.


Riding home in a taxi last night, I saw a woman looking amazingly chic as she (apparently) rode home via bicycle from work. I was in awe. Shocked. How did she do this?


Well, for starters, she had on a great bicycle friendly outfit. Then I got to thinking: what about all the women who probably want to ride bikes around their city but also want to look chic? Why should they be left out?


Well, my dears, I’ve conjured up a few cute outfits that you can feel stylish in as you pedal around your local town.


Throw on a jumper and some cute sandals

This is what the woman I saw yesterday wearing. It was so effortless. The jumper was a bit loose, so she had some movement there. The sandals were open toe, but had a gladiator style to them that kept her feet in place. She also had on a pair of chic glasses and a lovely low bun. Gosh, I should have taken a picture of her.


This one is pretty much easy. A jumper and your favorite, comfortable pair of sandals will do you just fine and won’t get in the way of you putting the pedal to the metal.


Get sexy in high waisted shorts

We’ve all seen that one woman riding the back of her boo’s motorcycle in pom pom shorts, showing a little cheek. And while that may be very sexy and appropriate for say, Miami, I’d rather not take it there. But, I don’t discredit shorts as a cute way to show off on a bicycle. In my opinion, I’d say play with high-waisted shorts. But don’t rock the ones that show a little cheek. You want them cut high enough so that you legs look super sexy, but that your derriere is covered completely. Another cute addition to this look: a loose crop top. Feel the wind blow against your body as you show off in front of that cutie at your favorite coffee shop.


Pair a midi dress with ballet flats

How can you be dainty, you ask? This one is easy! Throw on a loose fitting midi-dress (or skirt) and accompany it with some ballet flats. Oh, you’ll look lovely, darling. 

(Photo: Getty Images/Caiaimage)

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