Are We Still Telling Plus Size Women What They Can’t Wear?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/09/2015 | 12:20 PM EDT

There's no plus side to O Magazine's Adam Glassman's style advice for the curvy set...

Policing women’s bodies was not something we think O Magazine’s Creative Director Adam Glassman attempted to do when he gave advice on who could wear crop tops in the April 2015 issue. But, unfortunately, that’s how it came across to many plus size women and bloggers alike.


Two days ago, writer Tamar Anitai shared her disappointment after reading the semi-harsh advice Glassman gave in a style Q&A to a reader asking if she could pull off a crop top. His response:


“If (and only if) you have a flat stomach, feel free to try one.”


Wait, what? So, all of the curvy and plus size women rocking crop tops for spring and now summer have just been doing it all wrong because their stomachs aren’t flat? What about the thin women who have a bit of “pudge”? Are they excluded from rocking the trendy crop top too? Are you telling us that you have to have abs like Beyonce to rock the crop top? Sir, have several, several seats.


While O Magazine has been known to empower women through it’s messaging, this one got a little off track. As a curvy woman myself, it bothered me that we’re still trying to tell women what they can and cannot wear. Most of this comes from following a standardized stereotype that the fashion and beauty industry created for women to follow. But social media, bloggers and editors alike have created the opportunity for women to feel confident in who they are, and not ask permission for dressing the way they want to. So, why on earth would anyone feel compelled to shun women who aren’t packing abs and a toned tummy into not rocking a crop top? Especially in O Magazine! On top of the fact that we’ve seen so many curvy and plus size women making them look fabulous. Come on Adam. Get it together.


After Tamar’s vent of frustration, plus size blogger Style Sarah Conley followed up with commentary on the unfortunate style advice, encouraging all women to #RocktheCrop, and the response was amazing.


Many women of all shapes and sizes posted their pictures rocking crop tops in full confidence. Some included Black plus size blogger Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista. One woman even posted her cute baby showing off his belly in a crop top!


The point being made here: we, the women of the world, would like for you, the so-called style experts to stop telling us what we can and cannot wear. Okay? Okay.


(Photo: Marie Denee via Instagram)

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