3 Facebook Groups Where You Can Buy and Swap Plus Size Fashion

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/08/2015 | 03:54 PM EDT

For some time now, there has been a growing number of plus size fashion swap and buy groups popping up on Facebook. For many women who consider themselves plus size, this social media fashion opportunity has not only allowed them to find clothes that actually fit their body types in an affordable way, but also feel apart of a world wide community.


Sharing their latest fashionable finds that they may not need or want anymore, women come to these groups to share their lives, update their wardrobes and clean out their closets! If you’re a plus size woman and love to spend a little time on Facebook, don’t be afraid to scroll these top 3 clothing swap groups.



Fattoo is a growing group of 14,000 and more of women who are sizes 20 and up. They are amazing for finding chic clothing for affordable prices. While they have a lot of regulations in the group (mainly to protect the buyers and sellers), you’ll be sure to find some of the best fashionable deals. You do have to get invited to the group, but once you’re in, you’re in. They also have FatToo Accessora and FatToo Bridal. Talk about expansion.


For FATS Sake

This fashion-swapping group starts their sizes at 12, and has more relaxed rules than Fattoo. But, they’re just as fun and growing their members by the day. With only 5,400 members, you’ll have a better chance at purchasing and selling your clothes, while also meeting plus size women alike from around the world.


Sacramento Plus Size Clothing Swap

A dedicated West coast clothing swap, this group has a small amount of members and posts regularly for events and swaps happening in California. You’ll also be able to post your own sales and attend promoted events that will have tons of plus size clothing to buy!

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