The 5 Bras Every Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/01/2015 | 04:05 PM EDT

The truth of the matter is that many women don’t know where to begin with their bra collection. Between wearing the incorrect size, to not having the correct bra for each type of outfit, we’re lost. While we can’t tell you what you correct size is, we can get you started on the bras you must have in your wardrobe, forever.


The T-Shirt Bra

The first bra you should ever purchase is the T-shirt bra. Period. It’s smooth, lays flat against your breasts and will not be seen under the majority of your tops and blouses. If there is any bra you must buy first, make it this one. Need an option: Try the Wacoal Seduction Spacer Underwire T-Shirt bra


The Racerback Bra

Hide your bra under your tank tops and racerback shirts with this highly functional bra. Not only can you find one that is perfect for a T-back shirt, but you can also get one that has a deep v cut as well. Opt for something sexy, like the Natori ‘Feathers’ Contour Underwire T-back Bra.


The Multi-Functional Bra

Prepare to invest in this bra. You cannot be cheap. Now that we’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, we can encourage you to purchase a multi-functional bra. This basically means that the bra straps are removable, and can be used in a convertible way. Invest in the Chanelle Intimates ‘Sublime’ Convertible Strapless Bra.


The Deep V-Neck/U-Plunge Bra

Your next purchase is one you can save for later. Mainly because this bra comes in handy for women who find themselves wearing super sexy, low plunging dresses, gowns or intense v-neck shirts. Not to say that you ladies don’t. But, you may be able to get away without buying this bra for a while. It’s also good to note that these bras aren’t very sturdy for women with larger breasts (sorry!). Once you’re ready, look to the Macy’s Fashion Forms U Plunge Bra.



The Bandeau Bra

The last of the bunch is the Bandeau bra. Why? Because most of them are for fashion, only. Not much support is given from the bandeau, but we do like it for coverage purposes. Say you have a deep v-neck blouse you want to wear somewhere, but you want a bit more coverage. Putting a bandeau bra on under the blouse could help you out. They’re also really good bras to lounge around in. Take your pick at some really high quality ones here.


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