10 Black Plus Size Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/22/2015 | 09:22 AM EDT

These curvy girls are bold, beautiful and beat! So you might want to get to know them

The list of fashionable, inspiriting plus size bloggers grows every day. But, we plucked out a few that we are specifically obsessed with at the moment. 

Kala Riggins a,k,a @ModelMayI: Her blog name was inspired by the frustrating feeling that plus size women often think they need to have the approval of society to wear what they want. Kala makes it clear that she does not have to bow down to society’s expectations of what plus size women can wear, by setting her her own fashion rules.

Marie Denee a.k.a @MarieDenee: A veteran plus size blogger, Marie Denee will show you how it’s done. Marie keeps it fashionably simple and sexy.

Jezra Matthews a.k.a @Jezra_M: Once you follow Jezra, prepare for more than just fashionable inspiration. Her inspiring quotes will have you thinking twice about life, love and your inner confidence.

Mo Handahu a.k.a @MisssLionHunter: Mo shoes you how to really rock the red lip, as she shares her keen fashion sense and design.

Chante B a.k.a @EverythingCurvyandChic: You’ll be likely to catch Chante in a bold print rocking a bright lip, looking nothing less than fly.

Ty Alexander a.k.a @GorgeousinGrey: From her bright smile to her beauty tips, Ty is one of the go-to fashion and beauty inspirations for Black plus size women. 

Kim a.k.a @NaturallyFashionable: Kim will give you the latest on her favorite natural hair prodcuts, the latest in plus size fashion and a peek into her fabulous life. 

Elann Zelie a.k.a @ZelieforShe: This LA based blogger keeps it funky and fashionable with her exotic imagery and unique taste for outlandish fashion.

Charisma Monroe a.k.a @Charisma_Monroe: Charisma is the epitome of class and never leaves you with a dull moment with her fashion sense.

Jeniese Hosey a.k.a @Jenesaisquoithe: She keeps it causal chic, and always super fun. Jeniese will bring a burst of light to your day after you click and follow!

(Photos from top: LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images, Kala Raquel via Instagram, Marie Denee via Instagram, Jezra M via Instagram, Hunter of Lions via Instagram, Chanté via Instagram, Ty Alexander via Instagram, Kim via Instagram, Zelie For She via Instagram, Charisma Monroe via Instagram, Jeniese Hosey via Instagram)

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