6 Steps to Dressing Professionally When It’s Scorching Hot

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 06/10/2015 | 03:31 PM EDT

You can be cool and chic at the office this summer

It’s hard enough to know how to dress for the summer, but try pulling together an outfit for the office during the scorching heat. It’s difficult and sometimes, stressful. Mainly because it’ll be extremely warm outside, but most likely cool in your office. On top of that, finding “appropriate” office wear that doesn’t bare too much can be tricky. So, we’ve decided to help you out with a few summer fashion friendly tips that won't have Human Resources knocking at your office door.

Layer up in the morning so you can pull off in the evening
It almost sounds pointless, but adding a layer to your outfit, such as a blazer or thin waistcoat, can be a quick save for your look. It’s usually cooler in the morning, and cold at the office. They can both keep you warm in office, but won’t be too much of a burden at after work drinks and dinner.

Pick a hairstyle that’s cool and easy to manage, and stick to it

This may not be a “fashion” tip, but keeping your hair intact during the hot summer days is a challenge. During the work week, eliminate some of your hair woes by finding a style that keeps you cool, is easy to manage and won’t get messy easily. We love a chic chignon bun, a low ponytail or even a protective style like Marley twists. If you happen to prefer a weave, go shorter and add choppy layers for fullness.

Ditch the panty hose, but keep everything knee length

Yes, they’re a staple at many corporate offices. However, you may be able to get away with not wearing them if you stick to knee length pencil skirts and dresses (made of breathable materials) or fit and flare ‘A’ line dresses.

Opt for cap or short sleeves, but never wear sleeveless tops

While they’re a few lax work environments that accept sleeveless tops in the summer, we think it’s best to stay away from them.

Have fun with your shoes, but don’t go overboard

Platforms and chunky heels are the season’s go-to “it girl” shoe, but they’re not for the office. Ever. If you’re expected to wear heels everyday, alternate between block heels and strappy sandals that are solid, fun colors.

Invest in dresses that are comfortable and full of color and prints

Don’t be afraid to wear a little color this summer. Opt for muted yellows, pinks, purples and greens. Stay away from hot pinks, reds, and even some whites. Keep floral prints minimal in size and play around with stripes.

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