Porsha Williams And Teyana Taylor Take 'Unbothered' Feud To Another Level

Beauty & Style | Camille Travis | 02/06/2015 | 12:00 PM EST

Ironically, Taylor seems very bothered by Williams lifting her t-shirt idea

The feud between Porsha Williams and Teyana Taylor has been taken up a notch as the stars continue to battle over use of the word "unbothered" on a line of t-shirts. Taylor has ordered that Williams refrain from selling the merchandise as her own, as Taylor has her own clothing line under the same name.

Williams brought the feud to the radio waves earlier this week while discussing the matter on Dish Nation's "Rickey Smiley Morning Show." She let the comedian be the judge and added fuel to the fire by posting pictures to Instagram of her wearing the "#Unbothered" shirt.

Taylor caught wind of Williams' antics and quickly responded by posting a certified letter of ownership to Instagram, proving that she has authorized use of UNBOTHERED, LLC.

"Welp. #Unbothered #OhItsMore #SneakPeek stop PLAYIN with me Porsha. u got so much sh-t to say on the radio girl. Keep it cute or put it on mute," Taylor captioned the photo. She followed up by posting a picture of her in an Unbothered t-shirt.

Of course, things didn't stop there. Williams layed out a full explanation of where Taylor went wrong. She wrote:

"Teyana's point would be valid if she actually had legal protection or ownership of the term, but she doesn't. Unfortunately for her:

1. The term unbothered is a common English term that is used by numerous clothing lines therefore Teyana will have to use the term long enough and distinguish her line enough to attain what my lawyer calls 'acquired distinctiveness,' which means whenever the term unbothered is used with clothing we think of her line;

2. There are too many other clothing lines to count that use Unbothered either on apparel or as the name of the main clothing line, including the company that owns www.unbothered.com, which makes the brand 'weak'; and

3. Nobody is scared of her 'legally' or otherwise, she cannot blame anyone that she was ignorant enough to brand her clothing line using a weak mark that is used by so many other clothing companies and her crack legal team has failed to protect any rights she might have acquired by failing to file for a federal trademark registration."

Taylor fired a few more shots, calling Williams a dummy and saying she would not fight with someone who thought the Underground Railroad was an actual railroad.

"I'm sorry y'all for going back & forth with someone during black history month. Specially with a person that knows nothing about BHM [...] Ok ok Im done dragging these dumb b-tches," Taylor concluded on Twitter.

Both of their posts have since been deleted on Instagram.

It remains to be seen where this beef will go, but it's certainly not over. Pre-order for Williams' #Unbothered t-shirts will begin this Sunday (Feb. 8), meaning legal action could follow.

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