Keke Palmer Defends New Look: 'Stop Worrying About Me'

Beauty & Style | Camille Travis | 01/30/2015 | 01:30 PM EST

The 21-year-old actress barks back at 'haters' who've criticized her new look

There's nothing easy about making the transition into adulthood, and we can only imagine having to do it in the Hollywood spotlight. 

Take for example Keke Palmer. The Harvey, Illinois native stepped onto the scene more than a decade ago with roles in Akeelah and the Bee, Barbershop 2: Back in Business, "Cold Case," "Strong Medicine" and more as she solidified herself as a child star. But now, at 21 years old, long gone are the days when we can expect Palmer to be the innocent girl we've seen onscreen.

One look at her Instagram page and it's evident Palmer has matured into a beautiful, young woman who's not afraid to experiment with different styles (not to mention facial piercings). Unfortunately, some of her fans haven't taken a liking to her new look.

"stop with those piercing u [sic] too pretty for all that mess on ya face," one commenter wrote underneath a photo on Instagram.

Another stated, "[You're] turning into a Thot like stop, I miss the old you."


That's when Palmer decided enough was enough. She responded:

"you WISH I was a THOT is what you meant to say. You don't even know me, nor are you my panties so how do you know what's going on in them? You sound like a class hater, stop worrying about me and worry about YOU. 'I miss the old you" but you've never known me tho..."

In a separate post, a commenter wrote: "I [f-ck with you] but I suggest you get ya mind right cause its starting to show on your face, in a bad way. Maybe need more sleep maybe stop f-ckin with rappers idk. But w.e new things you've added in your life is giving off a negative connotation in your life and ita spewing through your pores. You can disregard if you want but there clearly is transition from your glow last year til now. Know that your blessed and highly favored miss palmer. God can do for you what mankind can not. Just call on Him. Hes waiting.. [sic all]."

Palmer responded back: "nah. I just happen to have struggled with acne my entire life. Broadway makeup didn't make it any better. You're looking too deep into my photos considering you neverrrr have met me. How dare you bring God & throw stones at me at the same time. Humble your self & give advice to people that care to hear what you have to say. Cause idgaf. & you're right, I'm so different from last year, cause I'm growing. I have never felt so beautiful. Good day."

What are your thoughts on Palmer's more mature look and how she handled the criticism? Sound off below.

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