4 Ways to Make Wearing Heels More Comfortable

Beauty & Style | M. Yvette | 11/05/2014 | 01:15 PM EST

The days of rocking cringe-worthy heels are out. Comfort is the name of the game.

Spare yourself the pain of wearing ridiculously uncomfortable pumps with these four simple tips.

Go lower on the heel height

Most of the painful problems women experience from wearing heels comes from the height of the heel. One of the options is to wear a lower heel. Sure, they don’t always look as sexy as a 4 ½-inch heel, but they won’t hurt as bad as one either. And that’s the point: we are working, busy women. We don’t have time for our feet, calves and backs to hurt. We have things to do, people to see and flyness to show off. Take a chance on a 3 ½ inch heel, like the Zara Leather Court Shoe.

Start replacing your skinny heels with thicker, sturdy heels

Okay, so you don’t want to go shorter? Fine, have it your way. But instead of a stiletto, look for heels that are thicker and sturdier. This way, you can still play around with height and have a bit of support on your poor, poor little feet. Here’s a start: this chic, work-ready high heel from H&M tickles our fancy and our budget loves them.

Remember, strappy heels are your friends

We used to associate strappy heels with spring and summer, because, well, that was usually when most women would wear them. But, over the past few years, we’ve seen the obsession with strappy sandals and pumps seriously increase. Here’s the thing: the right strappy sandal can make your legs look really sexy and offer some stability. The idea of having a thick, strong strap keeping your ankles from wobbling and your feet from slipping in your pump is just…magical. So, the next time you feel up to a late night dance with your boo, but don’t want to tap out too early because of aching feet, think about a strappy pump. One of our favorites, the Steve Madden Nadene Pump, offers a chic look, ankle stability and a lower heel option.

Don’t shy away from wedges

Because they can be really, really chic. Especially if you invest in a good, pointed-toe wedge bootie (or boot). Wedges have gone from looking like the sexy heel’s chubby, awkward first cousin, to the almost-just-as-cute little sister in the women’s shoe family. The Ava and Aiden Ansley Tall Wedge Boot is a showstopper and will look just as sexy on your legs as a 5-inch stiletto. We promise.

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(Photo: Zara, H&M, Steve Madden, Ava and Aiden)

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