Black Thrifting Expert Debuts New Book To Help You Look Fly on a Dime

Beauty & Style | M. Yvette | 10/16/2014 | 01:15 PM EDT

Author Patrice J. Williams delivers her tips and tricks to being stylish on a budget

The queen of thrifting is sharing her best kept secrets to bargaining like a pro.

After working as a fashion writer for a magazine, Patrice J. Williams found herself writing about celebrities' expensive clothes-- while only making $30,000 a year. For her, fitting into the fashionable work scene wouldn't come easy. Thus, she found a solution: shop for vintage and designer pieces with just a few bucks.

How, you ask? Well, that's what her new book is here for!

Patrice never thought much about how this self-taught skill could help her find her true passion and new career. In 2009, she was laid off from her magazine job and decided it was time for her to create something on her own. It wasn't until she had a Gchat conversation with a friend that she realized her thrifting obsession could become a significant brand. That's when her blog, Looking Fly on a Dime, was created.

After a few years of blogging on budget shopping and several TV appearances ("The Today Show," "The Nate Berkus Show"), Patrice has delivered her new book, "Looking Fly on a Dime: How to Find Fabulous Fashion at Any Thrift Shop & Make the Cheap Look Chic." The 112-page read teaches women how to stay chic and keep a few dollars in their wallets.

In her book, you'll get a peek at her tricks and tips to finding fashionable deals and how to save on discounted garments. It's pretty much what all of us women have been waiting for, and then some!

Purchase Patrice's new book on Amazon, or on her blog, and let us know how you plan to look fly on a dime this season.

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(Photo: Patrice J. Williams)

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