5 Fashion Staples for Fall's Awkward Weather Patterns

Beauty & Style | M. Yvette | 09/16/2014 | 12:45 PM EDT

Is the changing weather making it hard to find the right fit? Take these notes from Centric!

There's nothing more frustrating than being hot one second and cold the next. But that, our friends, is what we call fall (and sometimes spring). Your best bet is to get your hands on these five items that'll keep you from being annoyed at Mother Nature's erratic behavior this upcoming season.

The Sleeveless Jacket
No, it's not a vest. It's a jacket without sleeves and it comes in handy, okay? Just invest in one for now, and keep layering until you have to pull out the winter coat.

Our pick: Zara Long Combined Waistcoat, $79.90


You won't look weird if you wear them with bare or covered legs. They're a good option for cooler nights, but won't make you feel like a crazy person if you rock them in 70-degree weather.

Our pick: H&M Ankle Boots, $39.95

Knee Highs

Don't frown. These are so cute with shorts or even a pleated skirt. Rock them with a pair of chic oxfords and a sleeveless jacket to avoid the schoolgirl look.

Our pick: ASOS Knee High Pelerine Socks, $7.62

The oversized, lightweight scarf

Because in the morning it's 66 degrees, then at noon it's 80, and by the evening it's 66 again. It's too much. Throw a scarf on and prevent our self from catching a cold. You'll look fly, too.

Our pick: H&M Scarf in a Cashmere Blend, $59.95

The Motorcycle Jacket

The trick to avoid sweating in a moto-jacket is to throw a tank top and maybe even a lightweight scarf on with the staple. While spring’s favorite jacket is usually the jean version, fall’s must-have is the faux leather moto one. Equipped to keep you warm enough at night, but not too hot during the day, you’ll be glad you invested in this piece early on.

Our pick: H&M Biker Jacket, $59.95

(Photos: H &M)

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