Beyoncé Covers CR Fashion Look Book, Shares Poem About Blue Ivy

Beauty & Style | Laurie Ramirez | 08/29/2014 | 02:00 PM EDT

The singer calls her 2-year-old daughter her 'biggest muse'

Queen Bey reigns supreme on the cover of CR Fashion Look Book and with a spread that's uniquely her own.

Giving face and fashion, Beyoncé is captured in designs by Comme des Garçons, Prada, Saint Laurent, Riccardo Tisci, Nike and more. She even gives a nod to her hit single "Drunk In Love," posing with a Chanel surfboard. The cover features the singer in a multi-colored Yohji Yamamoto cape (pictured above) that's anything but ordinary.


"The empress of pop meets a force of fashion," the publication wrote on their website. "In her first collaboration with Carine Roitfeld, the ever-changing Beyonce expresses her many moods, manners, auras and multifaceted characters. All hail!"

In addition to the cover story, Beyoncé penned an introspective poem about daughter Blue Ivy Carter, calling the 2-year-old her "biggest muse."

As a tribute to the iconic singer, the glossy hits newsstands on Sept. 4-- Beyoncé's 33rd birthday. Read the star's poem titled "Bey The Light" (remixed by Forrest Gander) below.


"It’s my daughter, she’s my biggest muse/There’s someone, we all find out soon/More important than ourselves to lose.

I feel a deep bond with young children/All those photos in my dressing room/Especially those who’ve been stricken,

Children I’ve met across the years/They uplift me like pieces of moon/And guide me, whispering in my ear

I’m turned to spirits, the emotions of others/And I feel her presence all the time/Though I never met my grandmother.

I learned at a very young age/When I need to tap some extra strength/To put my persona, Sasha, on stage.

Though we’re different as blue and red/I’m not afraid to draw from her/In performance, rifts, even in bed.

I saw a TV preacher when I was scared/At four or five, about bad dreams/Who promised he’d say a prayer

If I put my hand to the TV/That’s the first time I remember prayer/An electric current humming through me.

You call me a singer, but I’m called to transform/To suck up the grief, anxiety, and loss/Of those who hear me into my song’s form.

I’m a vessel for all that isn’t right/For break-ups and lies and double-cross/I sing into that vessel a healing light.

To let go of pain that people can’t bear/I don’t do that myself, I call in the light/I summon God to take me there.

Utopias, they don’t much interest me/I always mess things up a bit/It’s chaos, in part, that helps us see.

But for my daughter I dream a day/When no one roots for others to fail/When we all mean what we say."

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(Photo: CR Fashion Book/ August 2014)

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