Online Site Allows Brides On Budget To Rent Pre-Owned Wedding Gowns

Beauty & Style | Gerren Keith Gaynor | 07/10/2014 | 10:00 AM EDT

'Borrowing Magnolia' gives wives-to-be a chance to have the dress of their dreams with a low price point

Brides on a budget can now look to something new for their something borrowed: their actual wedding gown.

An online bridal boutique called Borrowing Magnolia allows financially-conscious brides-to-be to try on second-hand gowns that they can then rent or buy for their special day.

The New York Daily News reports:

The site is aimed at the modern bride who is trying to cut costs and forgo some of the traditional wedding bells and whistles, Ashley Steele, one of the three founders of the site, explained to the Daily News.

“People aren’t caring about having one wedding photo that they frame. They are more focused on the experience and keeping it in their budget,” she said.

Steele and fellow co-founders Cali Brutz and Stephanie Olvey, who all had experience in the wedding industry prior to launching Borrowing Magnolia, noticed that there were few places for brides who wanted a special dress at a more affordable price.

A site like Borrowing Magnolia is like a saviour for many, as the average wedding dress will run a bride $1,281, according to The Knot. Not to mention, if you want a designer gown, it’ll cost you even more. The dresses available for rent on Borrowing Magnolia start at $400 and can go up to about $2,000.

Shoppers can look through used dresses to buy or borrow and select three to try on for $99. The gowns are then sent out to the brides-to-be, who have five days to inspect and model them.

If the bride decides she wants to wear one of the three dresses when she says ‘I do,” she can put the $99 down payment toward the rental or purchase price.

However, customers can’t keep a dress if they pick it; they must ship it back. It will arrive again before the ceremony, and the bride can keep it for 14 days. The dresses cannot be altered, but they don’t need to be cleaned before they are returned.

Could this be the future business model for wedding dresses?

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