The Secret Life Of Supermodel Lyndsey Scott

Beauty & Style | Camille Travis | 01/03/2014 | 11:15 AM EST

The Victoria's Secret model is more than meets the eye

There's never been a combination quite like beauty and brains. While some high fashion models know little more than how to rock a runway or nail the perfect pout, 29-year-old Lyndsey Scott is a stunning whiz who shatters the stereotype.

The Amherst College graduate has graced runways for Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Vera Wang, Fendi, Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein, the latter making her the first-ever African American to get an exclusive contract with the company for New York Fashion Week. Tech hub PandoDaily dug deep into Scott's "alter ego" as a computer programmer and we've got to say, we're thoroughly impressed.

"The industry makes an effort to reduce the model and, in a way, simplify things. The way they marketed me a lot of times was as younger than I am," said Scott, who boasts a dual-degree in computer science and theater. "They wouldn't talk about my education, they wouldn't talk about me…In a way I understand. Youth is valued more than a college education.”

As quiet as it's kept, Scott taught herself several programs that include Python, Objective C and iOS while creating a handful of apps just for kicks. One app benefiting young Ugandan scholars and another that helps fellow models carry their portfolios digitally are available in the Apple store.

"If I had to liken her to someone, I'd say she's like Gisele Bundchen mixed in with Bill Gates," said her younger brother Matthew Scott. "I can't imagine those two combined but if they did it would probably be Lyndsey."

And while she might lack support from her industry for being a brainiac, she has the backing of her Elite Model Management agent Tony Vavroch who welcomes her passions outside of the fashion realm.

"Anything which adds dimension to a model beyond her physical beauty is a good thing," said Vavroch. "Physical beauty gets a model's foot in the door but her personality, combined with other gifts and abilities, makes her more interesting to advertisers and fashion and beauty clients."

(Photo: Alli Harvey/Getty Images for Bvlgari)

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