Jourdan Dunn Bares It All For GQ

Beauty & Style | Camille Travis | 08/29/2013 | 03:45 PM EDT

Jourdan Dunn Strips Down

Aside from a Jil Sander Navy blazer, BLK DNM shirt, VPL briefs, Tom Ford belt and heels from Alexander Wang, there's not much fashion to speak of in Jourdan Dunn's September 2013 GQ spread.

The barely-there shoot photographed by Dusan Reljin shows the 23-year-old supermodel in her most natural state, but she more than makes up for it in a witty interview on how to court the quirky cutie.

Dunn reveals how she uses her killer dance moves to hook a guy, the best pick-up line she's ever heard and how she envisions a great date. She also gives insight into her life as a model.

On the perfect date...

"It doesn't really matter as long as the company's great. People say, 'Oh, I want to do something fun go ... scuba diving or something crazy like that,' but that's not really getting to know somebody. If anybody's on their phone, that's when you know the date's going kind of bad. If I'm not looking at my phone to check the time, then that's when I know it's working."

On hooking a guy...

"I would seduce you with dancing because I think I'm kind of good at dancing ... they'll just come up to me, hopefully [laughs]."

The best pick-up line she's ever heard...

"The best pick-up line I've ever heard, I was in New York and I passed a guy a he was like, 'Damn, I would claim that ass.' I just thought it was so funny."

The perks of modeling...

"Getting paid."

On being outspoken...

"People think that I'm against fashion—or that I'm ghetto or a loudmouth. I'm not. But if speaking my opinion makes me that girl, fine. I'll take that crown."

Check out all the goods over at GQ!

(Photo: GQ Magazine, September 2013)

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