Oldies But Goodies: Six Tips To Happy Vintage Shopping

Beauty & Style | Camille Travis | 08/06/2013 | 10:00 AM EDT

Oldies But Goodies: Six Tips To Happy Vintage Shopping

On the next episode of Culturelist, Centric correspondent Nicole Spence is headed to Harlem with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson for a little vintage clothes shopping. With fall weather slowly beginning to creep in, it's the perfect activity to revamp a humdrum closet.

Before heading out on your own hunt for vintage goodies, consider these tips to make your trip easier, cheaper and stress-free.

Go Free

Instead of heading to the nearest thrift store or vintage boutique, check the closets of your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, great aunt or uncle for seasoned pieces without the price tag. Not only will you be saving time and money, but you'll know exactly where your newfound items came from.

Be Fearless

When it comes to looking for classic pieces, it's best to step outside of your comfort zone and try unfamiliar styles, patterns and shapes. You'll be suprised what pieces work for you, despite being from a different era.

Free Your Mind

It's great to have an idea of what you'd like to purchase, but don't get so stuck on your dream buy that you overlook equally amazing pieces. Chances are the exact look you have in your head wasn't magically dropped off in a vintage store, so be flexible.

Assess, Assess, Assess (pt. 1)

Don't give up on a potential buy because of a minor defect. If an item catches your eye and is in great condition but is missing, say, a button, determine if it can be fixed. A small tear can be sewn and a size too big can be tailored, if you're willing to go the extra mile.

Assess, Assess, Assess (pt. 2)

On the other hand, pass on stains, large holes, worn fabric or strange smells. Use your best judgement.

Support Local, Buy Local

If you're focusing your attention on older fashions, why not browse a vintage shop? Skip the typical hassle of a thrift store and stop by a locally-owned boutique that specializes in tracking down classic pieces. You'll be supporting your community and saving your precious time.

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