SOLE SURVIVAL: Three Tips For Repairing Your Christian Louboutin Shoes

Beauty & Style | Justin Dwayne Joseph | 06/21/2013 | 04:18 PM EDT

Centric shares three tips on how you can get the most out of your red-bottomed walk!

So you finally invested in a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (that's roughly $625 for a simple black pair of pumps, to be exact). You wear them out, and you relish in the "girl-I-love-your-shoes" style compliments. You feel lifted and sexy, only to come home that same day and see that your coveted red bottoms are scratched up and worn-in. If you aren't a veteran Loubies wearer, the shock of seeing that red sole not in tip-top shape can be downright spiritually debilitating. But, before you go back to Saks or Barneys New York crying foul (there have been stories), understand that this happens.

Red Lacquer, the material that makes the sole a stand out, is delicate. Point blank. Pair any lacquer with the friction created when you walk on any hard or abrasive surface, and you will have scratches. However, you can extend the life of your red bottoms if you take care of them properly. Consider these three options for sole survival.

1. Use Red Lacquer Paint
So if you don't wear your Louboutins out much, and want to touch them up, UK based company, Save Your Sole, has a touch up paint that happens to be the same 'China Red' as the Loubi red soles. This isn't a permanent remedy, but it's a great go-to if you plan on showing off those red bottoms while lounging feet up. ($35, available online at

2. Go To An Experienced Cobbler
Would you get your Mercedes automobile's maintenance done at a mechanic's shop that specializes in working on Kia cars? Probably not. So why, take your Loubis to a cobbler who doesn't specialize in working on them? Many women have haphazardly dropped off their shoes to a cobbler---who may have done a good job repairing a tap on their heels----only to come back to find that their red soles have been completely replaced with a black rubber one. Crazy, right? But, it has happened. Try doing a little a research. A good place to start: The Christian Louboutin official website. They provide a list of preferred shoe repairers that are specialist and veritable experts on all things Louboutin. If you're not near one (say you live in small town North Carolina), we recommend using the Leather Spa in NYC. They have a service that allows you to mail them in, and they ship them back to you after the repair is completed. Whether you choose a leather sole or rubber sole, should be based on how much walking you do in your shoes. (prices vary based on company).

3. Apply Mobile Screen Shields
For some fans of Louboutin, putting a rubber sole or even a leather sole, which sometimes aren't exactly the same color red as the original, is not an option. However applying the thin plastic screen savers---typically used on cell phones and iPad screens---is a welcomed alternative. This is a DIY project, so the ability to measure and use a pair of scissors with precision will be key. Zagg invisible shields are a good go-to. You will most likely need a shield the size of an iPad mini, just so you have some extra material in case of mess-ups. (approx. $42, available online at

Have some other tips for sole survival? Let us know!

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