Bill Cosby Launches 'Cosby Sweater Tournament'

Beauty & Style | By Camille Travis | 07/03/2013 | 02:27 PM EDT

The only thing that could, arguably, be more iconic than The Cosby Show are the signature sweaters worn by Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable throughout the show's eight-season run. As a nod to the piles upon piles of the warm and fuzzy garments, Bill Cosby has welcomed fans to narrow down their favorite look in a little competition known as the "Cosby Sweater Tournament."

Game. On.

Over on his official website, 32 "contenders" have positioned themselves to be the top picks in the categories of argyles, cashmeres, cardigans and pullovers. It's up to fans to vote for the best sweater in the NCAA-style bracket as the competition counts down from "The Crew 32," "The Sweat 16," "The Fleecy 8," "The Warmest 4" and finally "The Champion Stitch."

All voters will be entered in to win an autographed copy of one of Cosby's books.

Back in February, Cosby told Collectors Weekly that he introduced the lively sweaters as a way to break away from the monotony of "white-collar attire."

"I wanted to get away from the white coat all the time or the blue blazer look, with the khaki pants and the penny loafers," he explained.

May the best sweater win!

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