A Few Ways to Get Over Your Summer Body Insecurities

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 07/29/2016 | 12:00 PM EDT

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There's no reason to go through summer without loving your body, now

Summer is the season we all love. Most of us can’t wait to vacation, drink refreshing “adult” beverages outside and get our summer love sessions on. But, there’s also a good amount of us who also sort of see the summer season as an easy way to obtain unnecessary body insecurities. From not feeling like our bodies are “beach ready” to fear of the short shorts, we can easily forget to love our bodies as they are. Here are a few ways to avoid the summer body insecurities and feel sexy in your skin.

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Find Amazing Summer Workouts

Whether it’s a dip in the pool or outside boot camps, the first thing you can do to have love for your body is take care of it. This doesn’t mean you’ll be working out for the sake of losing weight (even though that’s your choice). This is all about treating your body well with a good physical activity. You’ll feel amazing and probably have more fun since the workout will be summer based.

Wear the Clothes You Feel Comfortable In

Let’s face it: you may want to rock super short shorts, but feel your body isn’t “ready” for them. That’s fine, but instead of feeling down about it wear the clothes you do feel sexy and comfortable in. Don’t worry about the short skirts you don’t feel ready to rock yet. Invest in the clothes that you know look amazing on your body and strut with confidence.

Put on the Bathing Suit, and Dive In

Most of us fear the bathing suit when we feel body conscious. But, the truth is that no one is paying attention to you while you’re at the beach or hanging out by the pool. It’s usually our own minds playing tricks on us, thinking that everyone is looking at our imperfections. Our advice: put on the bathing suit and just dive in.

Accept Your Body Type

In the summer, it’s harder to hide your true shape. Look at yourself in the mirror and accept what your body “type” is. Whether you have an athletic, curvy, muscular or plus size frame, we want you to accept it and own it. Summer is the season that you for sure can’t hide your true body frame, and why should you? You’re fabulous.

Eat Healthy, Summer Refreshing Foods

What’s better than a cold bowl of summer fruits or a refreshing green juice? Eating healthy is actually easier in the summer, since your appetite is probably a little lighter than in the winter.

Tell Yourself You Look Fabulous

Even if you don’t always believe it, repeating healthy and inspiring things to yourself will help bring your confidence to a new level. Trust us. 

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