Five Foods for Fab Summer Skin

Beauty & Style | 05/31/2016 | 12:07 PM EDT

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Make your skin glow from within, starting with these top five summer foods

We’ve all heard the saying that beauty begins within. Might be cliche, but its the gospel truth. With summer creeping up, it's high time to begin investing in that inner beauty, starting with the foods we eat.

Here, we list five foods you can begin to incorporate into your eating lifestyle, all equipped with fabulous beauty benefits. 

A Few Ways to Get Over Your Summer Body Insecurities

There’s nothing like a perfectly ripe avocado on top of a fresh green salad and grilled shrimp. Not only is the fruit a healthy fat, it supports skin hydration and detoxifies your body to keep it clean and functioning at its best.


In addition to wearing your best SPF protection, eating a hearty helping of cherries can help prevent UV damage. Add them to your breakfast meal or throw them in a smoothie.

Face seems to get a little puffy from time to time? Well, there’s a food for that. Eggplant helps reduce water retention and even fights aging damage.

Besides being one of the favorite fruits in our community (and rightfully so), watermelon also helps prevent sun damage and helps support antiaging.

You can now add eating apricots to your skin routine. This yummy fruit supports smooth skin and tastes so refreshingly good on a hot summer day.

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