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The Sexiest Black Celeb Moms on the Gram

They work hard, stunt in the spotlight and still manage to be fabulous moms. We're showing love to the sexiest Black celebrity moms on the Gram.
(Photo: Beyonce via Instagram)
Kerry Washington
The classic beauty is not only our favorite woman to watch every Thursday night, but she's also expecting baby number two! Congrats Kerry. (Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images)
Nia Long
Has Nia even aged? We didn't think so. Oh, but look at her cutie pie son, Kez. She also has an older son, Massai. (Photo: Nia Long via Instagram)
Ayesha Curry
Um, can we just get one second to kiss all over that baby? Ayesha Curry is becoming one of our modern day supermom celebs.
(Photo: Ayesha Curry via Instagram)
Kelly Rowland
Titan! Kelly, can we have him, please? (Photo: Kelly Rowland via Instagram)


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