Protect Your Skin From Pollution With These 5 Products

Beauty & Style | 04/26/2016 | 03:30 PM EDT

(Photo: Chanel)

Living the city lifestyle comes with a price...and could cost you big time!

The harmful truth about living in a bustling city (like New York) is that eventually, your skin may end up paying the real price for your city girl fun.

Soot, dirt, smoke and other pollutants in the air can lead to aging skin. While cleansing your face morning and night is one of the surest ways to protect your epidermis, there may also be a little added guard you’ll need down the line.

The best bet: start guarding your skin ASAP. Below are some great products for the protection.

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For something handy and on-the-go:

Try the Ren Flash Defense Anti-Pollution mist. It’s great for all skin type and works as an invisible shield against environmental pollutions and harmful free radicals.

For protection from your laptop:

Yes, you read correctly. Make’s Moonlight Primer actually guards your skin against invisible radiation from laptops and computers and smartphones. How clever.

For a high-end touch:

Go with Chanel’s La Solution 10 moisturizer. Tested on sensitive skin types, this moisturizer is known to help protect your face against irritators like pollution and climate issues.

For extra defense at night:

Slather on a layer of Clinique’s Superdefense Night Recovery moisturizer before you catch some z’s.

For the ultimate surge in antioxidants:

Save up your coin and purchase the Amore Pacific Future Response moisturizer. It’s a hefty $195, but it’s jam-packed with pine mushrooms and green tea. 

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