Attn: Acrylic Nail Lovers: Introducing CalGel

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 04/20/2016 | 01:51 PM EDT

(Photo: Calgel)

This new formula just might be your nails' saving grace

If you’re a fan of getting a good manicure, you know there is nothing like a perfectly sculpted, painted, standout set of nails. You also know that said perfectly sculpted, painted, standout nails are more than likely fake. Why? Because it’s impossible to keep that type of manicure on real nails intact for more than one week without chipping or pesky breaking. This is why so many women still resort to acrylics. But, we all know the deal with acrylics. They’re high-odor; usually nail stripping overlays that eventually take a toll on your nail beds and require you to endure a 45-minutes process with semi-hazardous chemicals. 

Is it possible to preserve your nail game and the health of your nails? Yes! Enter: CalGels, a healthier option for women who love a long-lasting manicure.

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The uber exclusive CalGel overlay is an odor-less, gas-permeable gel formula that can be used on tips or just on your natural nails. While some people claim that they are flexible, they can also be hardening, feeling reminiscent to a typical acrylic. There’s no lifting, peeling or stripping of your nails. And the application takes roughly an hour and a half. Granted that’s a long ass time, but you can change your nail polish after the gel formula is applied, as opposed to regular Gel nails where you cannot. 

And when it comes to maintenance, fill-ins are suggested every three weeks, with instructions that you stay away from acidic products, excess heat and only use non-acetone nail polish remover to change your polish color.

The formula isn’t widespread because it’s very expensive---$70 per application expensive. But, it just might be a game changer.

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