Using Cotton to Extend Your Lashes is Now a Thing?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 04/12/2016 | 11:02 AM EDT

All of a sudden mascara is not enough...

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The number of beauty hacks seem to increase on a regular basis. Some good, some bad and some just crazy as hell. So, it should come as no surprise that now, women are being taught to use cotton to extend their lashes in an effort to skip out on wearing falsies. But, why?

Just ask popular YouTube vlogger Huda Beauty, whose video went viral after she shared her secret to longer, natural lashes that weren’t fake. 

In theory, the concept of using a disposable wand to add cotton to your lashes and then cover them with mascara sounds "easy," but it isn’t. And with the pending threat of tiny pieces of cotton ending up in your eye, there is nothing fun about trying this hack. 


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So, here are 3 easier ways to extend your lashes without using falsies, or cotton:

1.      Add a dab of baby powder to disposable wand, and then, while your eyes are closed, add the powder to your lashes with the wand. Keep your eye closed and then add your favorite mascara on top. They’ll look thicker and fuller.

2.      Using the “butterfly” effect, apply mascara in three different directions. The outer lashes should be pulled towards your temple. The middle lashes should be pulled upward. The inner lashes, inward. Simple, but you’d be surprised how this technique will make your lashes look longer and fuller.

3.      Apply your mascara from the top down, not just the bottom up. We normally apply our mascara from the bottom up, but you want to also go over your lashes from the top down to extend the length naturally. 

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