3 Ways To Know If Your Nail Salon Is A Health Hazard

Beauty & Style | 03/22/2016 | 03:23 PM EDT

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Rocking fab nails isn't worth your health...here's what to look out for

It's no surprise that women are on the prowl for nail salons that are just as safe as they are fabulous. We were clutching our pearls after last year's New York Magazine exposé unmasked the harsh conditions that manicurists and customers subject themselves to in salons that cut corners as it relates to health regulations.

With spring around the corner and summer tiptoeing behind, we can bet on women hitting up nail salons in an influx. So, how can you know for sure your favorite salon meets health standards? 

Let us fill you in.

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If your nail salon has a strong polish smell…

Then the ventilation is not up to par. There shouldn’t be a strong, heavy scent of nail polish penetrating the air in your salon. Yes, you’ll be able to smell the polishes as well as many of the products used for artificial nails in the space, but it shouldn’t be overbearing. If you notice that your salon has a serious smell of nail polish, it may be best to look for a new place of service. Short term exposure to hazardous chemicals can be harmful.

If your nail salon doesn’t open a new packet of tools when they sit you down…

You can’t guarantee clean tools. You want to find salons that will not only use a new pair of tools each time you visit, but also offer you to take home your personal tools for re-usage when you return. The last thing you want to do is share bacteria with strangers that have come in before and after you.

If they don’t offer a new set of tools, leave. Don’t go back. Find a salon that uses new tools ONLY and sacrifice paying a bit more for cleanliness.

If you spot a Jacuzzi pedicure tub that isn’t spotless…

Ask your pedicurist to re-clean the tub or opt out. The warmth of the pedicure tubs from the jets and hot water allow germs and harmful bacteria to thrive and dead skin to get trapped. Seriously gross.

If the pedicurists don’t adhere to cleaning the tub in front of you, leave. No questions asked. 

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