4 Ways to Save Money at Sephora

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 03/14/2016 | 01:22 PM EDT

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This is how you can save money at Sephora and get loads of makeup

Sephora is to beauty retail what Whole Foods is to grocery shopping. Girl, you can end up breaking the bank and not even realizing the damage you have cause. But, there are four strategic ways to navigate the black-and-white striped walls of the beauty-lovers’ haven and save a little coin along the way. 

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1. Get those samples!

You can get 3 samples per Sephora department (fragrance, color and skincare). So, if you’ve been dying to find out if GlamGlow’s Mud Mask is for you, but you’re not ready to pay $69, here’s your chance. Oh, and did you know you can add three free samples to your online orders? Yup! Get them here every time you place an online order.

2. Stay Up On The Beauty Deals

Sephora has another secret site, called Beauty Deals, where you can enter specific codes to get free or discounted samples along with your online purchases.

3. Invest In The Perfume Samplers

They usually get you a free full bottle of perfume with a redeemed certificate inside! Check out this Sephora Favorites sampler for $65 and go get your free full body of perfume. 

4. Shop The 
Sephora Collection First
It’s usually the cheapest makeup in the store and it’s actually just as good as the high-end brands they carry. You’ll get your hands on really good liners, lipsticks and blushes that will save you a hefty amount of money. 

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