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Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 03/07/2016 | 10:26 AM EST

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We'll show you how to do this, hun

What started out as a handful of cosmetic brands and products that don’t have harmful toxic chemicals, aren’t tested on animals, and/or are made from natural or vegan ingredients; has now turned into the “Green-Eco-Friendly” beauty movement, a large and rather profitable sector of the beauty business.

The goal of going green with makeup is to prevent additional harmful toxins from entering your body.

But how does one navigate transitioning into an “eco-friendly” beauty routine? What does being “eco-friendly” even mean in the context of beauty?


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Let’s discuss:

What does eco-friendly means in terms of beauty…

In general, the term “eco-friendly” basically pertains to products that aren’t harmful to the earth. They don’t contribute to air, water or land pollution. In short, they’re non-toxic products.

As it pertains to beauty, “eco-friendly” products can range from natural, to vegan to organic. So, if you find yourself interested in going “green” with your makeup, you’ll start to note the typical chemicals used in your favorite products that are potentially very harmful to you.

What’s a good starting point…

Do you want to begin with your foundation, or nail polish? It’s completely up to you (and your budget). There are cosmetics companies that cater to Black women offering ranges of eco-friendly foundations, concealers, etc. But, the time it takes to find the right brand for you may be extensive. So, you may want to start small, like with nail polish (try Mischo Beauty’s nail polish) or lipstick (test out the Black female owned The Lip Bar).

Re-investing in the basics…

The basics are all you really need. When choosing lipstick, find your best nude, red and wine color. With nail polish, again, find your best nude, red, pink and maybe wine color as well. Keep it simple in the beginning, and then branch out for fun, colorful additions. Do the same with blushes, shadows and then finally foundations.


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