3 Beauty Fixes to Open Your Tired Eyes

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 02/29/2016 | 03:56 PM EST

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Looking Tired is Never Cute

Scenario: You wake up, from a long night of work, or playful trouble, only to find yourself looking dead tired. But, you have to pull it together. That meeting you scheduled today is super important, and you must come correct.

But what can you do to look fresh-faced when you really got little to no sleep the night before?

Now, you can fake it until you make it (back to bed) with these morning hacks that will open your eyes and make you look awake in less than 15 minutes.

Grab a Cube of Ice

If anything, run to your freezer, get an ice cube and wrap it up in a washcloth. Do not put ice directly under your eyes.

The cold compress will immediately help swelling and puffiness subside a bit, and give you a quick fix that no product can really offer. Do this while you use the bathroom or pick out your clothes for the day and keep the compress under each eye for about 30 seconds in intervals.

Massage Your Eyes with a Good Product

One of the special beauty arsenals many celebrities (and everyday working women) are beginning to swear by is rolling eye pen serums. The packaging is what does the trick. They look like this Clinique All About Eyes Serum roll-on formula.

Massaging your eyes can increase circulation, which can help relax, de-stress and de-puff the area.

Doing this before you apply your face cream can work wonders. You won’t get the full “icing” effect. But, you’ll notice a slight difference, which may be all that you need.

Remember the Magic of a Highlighter or Concealer

After you’ve applied a cool compress and massaged your under eye area, add a good, natural layer of concealer to your makeup for the day. Every woman should have a concealer on deck, even if you aren’t a makeup person. It will immediately transform your dull, puffy eyes and wake up your face.

Editor’s note: you want to be careful not to pile on the product. Excessive concealer that isn’t blended well can actually enhance the look of puffiness or imperfections. The trick is to add just enough to where your face looks awake, naturally. If you’re nervous, use the sharper tip of a beauty blender to blend your concealer or use your index finger with light tapping motions.

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