The Humidifier: Your Skin's New Best Friend

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 03/03/2016 | 02:47 PM EST

(Photo: Alexander Den)

Don't let dry air keep your skin from greatness

The dry air in your home is keeping your skin from greatness. You know the kind of air that is the result of heating your home whether it is via space heater, radiator, fire place etc. Oh yes, the very heat that keeps you warm and cozy in those winter months, is depleting your skin of moisture.

While you may not notice your skin drying out immediately, you might start to notice it gettin very dull, despite your daily beauty routine. So what’s a dry-faced and moisture-less skinned woman to do? Buy a humidifier.

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Humidifiers add moisture to the air via a subtle mist, helping to restore the humidity balance in your home (which should be between 30 and 50 percent), not to mention they aid in the prevention of not only dull skin, but dry coughs and sinus infections.

But all humidifiers and their mists aren’t created equal. And you should figure out if you need yours to be cool or warm. If you love saunas, you’ll probably love warm-mist humidifiers. However, if you have really bad allergies, you may want to roll with a cool-mist version, these are also ideal for those with children.

If you concerned about where you should place the device, start with your bedroom, since that’s where you sleep. Then, add another to your family room to keep the larger space of your house full of healthy air. 

And don’t forget to clean your humidifier once a week. This quite possibly one of the most common oversights, and can actually cause your humidifier to be counterproductive.  

Want some good options? A really good cool-mist option is the Safety 1st 360-Degree Cool Mist humidifier ($26, Walmart). For those who want a warm-mist, try the Honeywell Warm Mist ($34.99, Target). But if you’re the fancy type and want something to seamlessly match your interior design, invest in the Objecto H7 Cool-Mist humidifier ($129.99, Bed, Bath and Beyond).


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