The 6 Basic Makeup Pieces Black Women (Really) Need

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 02/10/2016 | 03:27 PM EST

Yes you've been presented products you "must have," but these are the things you need.

There isn’t a woman alive who probably isn’t tired of hearing about the makeup and beauty products she must have. It’s overwhelming, and honestly most of the time we’re just being sold to. We don’t need most of the makeup we buy.


But there are very specific makeup products every Black woman should have, no matter what. The guarantee is that once you get the following six products in your makeup stash, you’ll be set. Everything else will be just-for-fun purchases.


That Perfect Red Lipstick

Why this one first? Because there are still some Black women who don’t think they can wear red lipstick. But red lipstick is a staple. It’s one of those beauty products that can literally change your mood after applying it. Feeling a bit insecure? Swipe on that red lip and notice how powerful you feel.

The Best Matching Foundation(s)

When I say the best, I really mean it. Most Black women will have to use two foundations mixed together in order to get perfect coverage. This is mainly because our complexions can have more than one undertone. You could be a little red on the inner face, and a bit more yellow on the outer. Or you could be lighter on the inside of your face and darker on the outside. No matter your deal, finding the best foundation(s) sets the tone for everything else to follow.

The Mauve Blush

Mauve is a good everyday blush that can be intensified as needed. It’s the best rosy, easygoing shade for any occasion, office and complexion. Every Black woman can find her best mauve. A quick swipe will wake your face up, but a little bit more will make you look seductive. 

The Eyebrow Pencil/Powder

But, this isn’t about the trend that is brows. This is about understanding how you should wear your brows in order to accurately shape your face, and then investing in the right tools to keep them up. Many swear by the Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil (like myself). But there are other cheaper and effective options. First you must know the shade you need, which can depend on your hair color. Second, you must find out if you want a pencil or powder. Then, test out a few options to figure out the most manageable product for you to use.


Under Eye Concealer

This concealer will be one to two shades lighter than your complexion. It will serve as a quick fix to dark circles, awakening the face and even highlighting and contouring. We all need under eye concealer. Take your pick from liquids, creams, sticks and cream-to-powders.

Concealer that is the Same Skin Tone

Your final beauty tool should be the concealer that is a similar color to your complexion. This may take a while to find. But when you do, stick to it.


This shade of concealer is great for covering blemishes, in the easiest way possible. I also use my same-skin tone concealer for days when I don’t want to put on any foundation, but want my skin to look naturally even. 

(Photo: Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Corbis)

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