4 Random Things Potentially Causing Your Breakouts

Beauty & Style | 09/30/2015 | 03:55 PM EDT

4 Out of the Blue Reasons You're Breaking Out

Often times, many women experience random breakouts on their face. Even those who have never had acne or breakout problems come across them, and feel helpless in trying to figure out the resolution.

While we may think our skin is “sensitive” or that our diets are the key factors in how healthy are skin appears to be (they are, by the way), we tend to overlook some other reasons why our faces breakout because we don’t know about them.

Let us bring to your attention the possible other reasons your skin may be breaking out, in hopes of helping you get to the bottom of the problem.

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Reason #1: The weather is playing games with you:

Yes, you love the turn of seasons, but your skin may not. Unfortunately, you can’t control the weather. But, if you’re using great products for your skin, washing your face well, and keeping your stress levels down, the one thing that may be causing your break out is Mother Nature. Normally, these breakouts from nature will subside; you’ll just have to be a tad patient. If they don’t, head to your dermatologist.

Resolution: wait it out. If things don’t clear up a few weeks into a new season, head to a dermatologist.

Reason #2: Your hair products are doing you wrong:

So, you’re using the best products for your face and keeping your skin away from mineral oils and heavy fragrant agents. That’s good. But what about your hair products?

Just because your skincare regimen is “safe” doesn’t mean you’re completely ducking the damaging chemicals found in your shampoos, conditioners and treatments.

Resolution: always wash your face after you’ve applied oils, creams, shampoos and conditioners to your hair and scalp. This is another reason the old tip of doing your hair before your makeup works. Also, when you wash your hair in the shower, try to avoid letting the shampoo and conditioner rinse down your face.

Reason #3: Your boo’s beard is adding to the problem:

Yes, he looks so fine with that Philly inspired facial hair. But, kissing on your boo’s face could be causing friction against your skin, triggering oil production on your face.

Resolution:  Eh, this one is tough. We want you kissing all on your man. But, it may be okay to aim for the lips and dodge the beard every once in a while. Other than that, be prepared to clean your skin a bit more often.

Reason #4: Your detergent is not the one:

It may be time to say bye-bye to those fragrant, lovely smelling laundry detergents. Why? Because the residue left on your clothes will most likely come in contact with your face. And then, you may experience a break out. The chemicals may be too harsh for skin contact.

Resolution: use a detergent that fragrance and dye-free, like this Tide Free and Gentle laundry detergent

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