Rolls Eyes: Zendaya Gets Backlash Over Her New Barbie Doll

Beauty & Style | 09/28/2015 | 02:46 PM EDT

People are upset that Zendaya is claiming her "Blackness"

Seriously? Another day and another moment for people to come for a woman of color when she hasn’t sent for them. This time around: it’s actress, Zendaya Coleman.

The bi-racial actresses announced her new Zendaya Coleman Barbie Doll via her Instagram account last week, and while the majority of the responses have been supportive, there were still a few haters out there.

But, of course.

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Truth be told: having a Barbie doll with locs is not only special, it’s probably needed. However, the backlash has not come from the look of the doll or the doll’s hair (which is surprising). The issue at hand here is more about the fact that some people are saying Zendaya cannot accurately deem herself African American because her mother is White and her father is Black.

Huh? So, what happened to the one-drop rule? Is that only a “Black people thing”, or have not found that society will deem you Black the moment you prove that you have some African American heritage?

Many commenters took to twitter to voice their disagreement with Zendaya’s “look”, claiming that she doesn’t look Black enough to consider herself…Black. A tweet sent out by Hunger Magazine (in which Zendaya is the cover star), quoting the actress/singer, mentioned Zendaya speaking on how she “takes pride in knowing that she’s African American”.

From there, the comments and concerns about how “Black” she really is and how she looks began.

At the end of the day, what is the big deal? Why is it such a bad thing to have a mixed race actress, who identifies with her African American heritage, have a doll that represents her and the little girls that may look like her? And, who has the right to tell anyone how Black or White he or she is?

No one.

In my opinion, there’s nothing like having a plethora of representation for girls of color, especially amongst a brand like Barbie. The opportunity for little girls of mixed race to see a doll that looks like them isn’t hurting anyone. Plus, how often do we get to see dolls with locs?

Um, never.

We all know the saying: “haters, they gon’ hate”. But this literally takes things to a new level.

Sound off Centric fam. Do you think Zendaya’s doll is offensive in any way, shape or form? Let us know in the comments below.

(Photos from left: Mattel, Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

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