How to Buy Black Owned Beauty this Fall

Beauty & Style | 09/08/2015 | 03:07 PM EDT

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'Cause who knows what we need to beat our faces better than us?

So many women of color would like to invest in buying Black owned beauty products. But so few really know where and how to start. The biggest issue is not knowing where to find these Black owned beauty brands. While there are some brick-and-mortar stores and salons, most of the brands we would probably like to purchase from live online, and don’t always get a lot of media attention or advertisement.

Here’s we’re going to offer a few steps so that you can start preparing yourselves to invest in Black beauty brands, moving forward. Soon, we will also offer a list of Black owned beauty brands, ranging from salons to hair product lines, for you to reference.

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Step 1: Figure out what your beauty interests are

One of the best things I did before I started really focusing on buying Black owned beauty was figure out what I really liked. I knew for sure I was a nail girl, and also love a good lipstick. So, I started to make it a point to buy my polishes (sometimes a few at a time) from businesses like Polish & Co. and Mischo Beauty. For lipsticks, I really try to invest in my basics (reds, nudes, pinks) by buying from Lamik Beauty and BlackUp cosmetics. I’m also obsessed with getting pedicures, so I always head over to Polish Bar Brooklyn when it’s about that time!

Step 2: Browse the web for online stores

There are a few sites and blogs that will help you find Black owned businesses. From blogs like In Her Shoes, to sites like The Root, “Googling” Black-owned businesses will be the perfect beginning to your purchasing journey.

Step 3: Pay attention to costs and factor in your budget

The truth is that you’re more than likely going to have to spend a bit more money when investing in Black owned businesses. It may not be all of the time, but a lot of the times. This is mainly because a lot of Black-owned businesses don’t always have the financial backing or budget to advertise like other companies may have. Again, this is why I stress the idea of figuring out your basics. Find a great brand that carries your foundation shade and stick with them. Or, get comfortable purchasing based on quality and not quantity. This meaning that you’ll understand you may not be able to buy as many products in bulk (quantity) as you would if you were buying from a drugstore, but you’ll know that you’re putting money into the pockets of other Black-owned businesses (quality).

Step 4: Sign up for monthly membership boxes

An effective way to be introduced to Black-owned products you wouldn’t have heard of otherwise is by signing up for subscription beauty boxes. There are good handfuls dedicated to women of color now. CurlBox and WeAreOnyx are a few to get started with.

Step 5: Actually start buying the products

It’s easy to say we want to invest in companies built within our communities, but most of the time we end up just saying it. Once you’ve found the companies you really want to purchase from, make it a point to do so. If you know you’re getting ready to transition your hair, be sure to research as many Black-owned (large and small) natural hair care companies. The same should be done for makeup. The point is to actually start spending the dollar. Once you do, I promise you’ll get addicted!

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