What is "Baking" and Should You Do It?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 11/02/2015 | 01:20 PM EST

(Photo: Curls N Lipstick via Youtube)

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Over the weekend, my bestie sent me a cool YouTube video by Curls N Lipstick teaching her followers how to “bake” their concealer into their skin.

Yep, you read correctly.

“Baking”, or “cooking” is the art of melting your concealer into your skin for that magnificent dewy finish. I tried this technique over the weekend, and I actually feel like this is one beauty “trick” that you should care about.

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While some women new to the makeup game may feel a bit intimidated by the technique, I can tell you hands down that it’s actually not that hard.

Here are the quick and basic steps to the trick.

After you’ve completed your makeup (eyes, lips and foundation) apply concealer that’s about one to two shades lighter than your complexion under your eyes and up towards your temple.

Then, using your fingers or a beauty sponge, blend the concealer in well, eliminating all harsh lines.

Then, add a translucent powder on top of the concealer. Yes, you will look crazy, but we promise this is going to turn out great.

Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

You’ll start to see the concealer sort of melt into your skin, creating this dewy, natural effect. What’s happening is the oils from your skin are working with the concealer and powder, to help the makeup look as natural as possible.

After your 10 minutes are up, use a fluffy brush to get rid of the excess powder and notice how natural and gorgeous your makeup looks!

Now, this isn’t a technique we recommend using every day. But, for special occasions when you want your makeup to stand out or for photo shoots, this is an easy way to add a professional touch without the hassle.

Ladies, tell us: have you ever tried the baking technique? If so, how did it turn out?

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