There's a Black Woman Behind Your New Favorite Candles

Beauty & Style | 10/01/2015 | 03:42 PM EDT

(Photo: Sitota Candles)

You Won't Believe How Amazing this Candle Is

The booming of Black entrepreneurial women just keeps getting bigger and louder. And we aren’t mad at it. The latest obsession over here at Centric is a collection of fabulous candles: the Sitota Body Candle. Created by veteran entertainment publicist Yvette Davis Gayle, the Sitota Body Candle is unique in that when it burns, the wax melts into a body oil infused with jasmine, lavender, sandalwood and Aigyptos fragrance.

The oil is amazing for women looking to retain ultimate moisture in their skin and can also be used in a mani/pedi treatment, and is even perfect for new moms.

Olay Wants Black Moms to #BeAgeless

Made from 100% coconut oil, this candle is a game changer because it serves two purposes: to infuse your environment with lovely scents and enrich your skin.

Gayle notes that she “wanted to create a product with nutrient rich properties that would serve the dual purpose of providing a beautifully scented home and body.”

The Sitota Body Candle can be purchased at the company website, alongside other amazing collection of candles we are sure you’ll love.

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