3 Makeup Products to Never Share

Beauty & Style | 10/27/2015 | 03:13 PM EDT

Ladies, Please Stop Sharing These Beauty Products

Makeup is something women love to explore together and rightfully so. We even love to share our makeup with one another, whether to cut cost or to just play around. However, there are a few makeup products that we ought to not share with one another. Read about them below.

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It’s probably the beauty product carrying the most bacteria and we wouldn’t even know it. Mascara wands can transfer bacteria very easily, making you prone to infections and what not. Your best bet it so use your own mascara. But, if you must share, head to your closest supply store and pick up those disposable mascara wands. Keep them around just in case your girls come over and want to use your mascara.


Piggybacking off of mascara is eyeliner. Again, the biggest reason we advise you not to share your eyeliner is because of the transfer of bacteria. Anything getting close to the eye is tricky. And, like we mentioned above, carrying infections via your eyes is fairly easy.

If you find yourself loving the newest liner your girl has, purchase your own and be very serious about not sharing.


This is probably a “duh”, but so many of us share our lipsticks. The scarier idea of this is all of the mouth infections people can carry. Lipstick is really the main makeup product we share, but we probably should stop immediately. Another thing to note: be wary of sharing your lipstick with your little one. There’s nothing cuter than walking into your bathroom and seeing your little girl wearing your favorite red lipstick smudged all over her face. But, be careful: kids carry germs very easily due to their interactions at schools.

If you feel super compelled to share your lippies, wipe off the top of the lipstick with a tissue before and after someone uses your lipstick.

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