There’s a Nail Polish You Can Eat

Beauty & Style | 10/16/2015 | 12:01 PM EDT

What is The Point of Edible Nail Polish?

We’re not sure if this is cool, or just plain gross. But, the owners over at Kid Licks thought it would be cool to create an organic nail polish that their little ones could not only paint their nails with, but also eat.

Um, okay.

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Work partners (and parents) Audrey and Josh decided that since their kids were always attempting to put gross things in their mouths, like nail polish, they’d come up with a way to make nail polish edible and safe. Audrey, the official brains behind the company and also the key tester and brand ambassador, noticed that her daughter always tried to eat her nail polish. After witnessing her daughter try to eat another nail company’s supposedly kid-friendly polish, she decided that she would try and create her own edible brand.

The flavors range from Beet Red to Barley Grass to Sour Orange. Each bottle of polish is $13.99 and is vegan, non-GMO and cruelty-free. They can also be removed with just water, making it easy and hopefully, mess-free for your little ones.

We must say, the idea of an edible nail polish is unique, but how many of you ladies out there who are mothers would actually buy this for your daughters?

(Photo: Kid Licks)

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