Open Thread: Would You Get Plastic Surgery?

Beauty & Style | 10/16/2015 | 12:09 PM EDT

More of us are going under the knife, but would you?

A tweak here and there seems to be the norm for many celebrities nowadays. From butt injections (Nicki Minaj) to face contouring (Nene Leakes), plastic surgery is no longer taboo.

For the longest time in the African American community, plastic surgery was seen as something that only White people did. But lately, we’ve seen more Black women (and even men) feel a sense of fearlessness of going under the knife for physical improvement or enhancement. From butt implants to nose jobs to breast augmentations, the amount of Blacks going under the knife is ever increasing. But, our biggest wonder is if this new “craze” is a result of Black women feeling the pressure to look a certain way, or of us losing our shame in wanting to get surgeries that will help us uplift our own personal confidence.

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Are we more body conscious and aware of who we are and what we want? Or, are we falling prey to the pressure of looking like the latest Magic City stripper?

That last question brings us to the more intriguing part of this new trend in the Black community. Black women are getting surgeries to surprisingly not fit the European standard of beauty, but to enhance their curves, slim their waistlines and make their behinds larger. Basically, Black women are going under the knife to look more like what we have been told Black women should look like. More of us are ignoring the European standard and working to have the exact bodies that mainstream White America has actually shamed us for.

While embracing our known curvaceous bodies that some Black women have ( and are constantly portrayed to have on TV and media), we’re still wondering if this new, growing interest in plastic surgery is helping to boost the confidence of Black women, or helping us find another way to feel less than.

Sound off Centric ladies. Would you ever get plastic surgery?

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