Open Thread: Do You Really Have a Beauty Routine?

Beauty & Style | 10/13/2015 | 03:30 PM EDT

How many women really dedicated themselves to their beauty?

Raise your hand if you actually have a beauty routine that you follow. I’ll wait.

More often than not, I hear about these amazing beauty routines that celebrities follow to a “t” to get their fabulous, glowing skin. I’ll read about them and get inspired to start and remain consistent with my own routine. But then, I’ll completely fall off of my plan. 

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This weekend, I went to my favorite skincare store, Origins, to purchase some face cream. While there, I started chatting with the manager who began to add her two cents to my proclaimed lack of a skincare regimen I don’t have. While I heard her loud and clear, I also felt as though she could have just been trying to sell me extra products.

But, after a good 20 minutes of listening and talking about my use of toners, eye crèmes and so on, I came to realize that she was completely right about one thing. Following a skin care and beauty routine that works for you really does make a huge difference in the way you look and essentially feel.

I stepped back and thought about when I actually looked my best. It was around two years ago, maybe three. I looked through images on my Instagram page (where I document a lot of my beauty routines and favorites). And what I noticed was that I was a die-hard beauty woman following her specific routine every night. Thursdays were my “girly nights”. I’d give myself the ultimate facial, take a long bath and do my nails, shave my legs, etc. It was amazing and I looked great. So, why did I stop?

I can’t really recall why I gave that up, or at least wasn’t consistent with it. But, I made a decision, after meeting this woman over the weekend, to really get back in the groove of taking care of my skin and sticking to my beauty routine.

But, I want to know if everyday women like you really do follow beauty routines.

Sound off Centric fam! 

(Photo: Lena Clara/ Getty Images)

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