How Baby Powder (and Other Random Tricks) Can Lengthen Your Lashes

Beauty & Style | 10/08/2015 | 12:38 PM EDT

Get Your Lash Game on Point

Most of us don’t have time to add lashes every morning, and really we don’t want to. Lash extensions are expensive. But women, across the board, love a good looking lash.

So, we’re spilling a few good secrets on how to make those lashes look long, the natural way.

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Pay attention to how to you apply your mascara

An old trick many makeup artists use backstage at shows is to apply the mascara in multiple directions. Use the brush and apply the inner lashes towards the inner eye, your middle lashes upwards and the outer lashes outward. You’ll notice a butterfly effect going on and they’ll look fuller.

Use a few different mascaras

We swear by piling on two to three different mascaras. You could add lengthening, voluminizing, and even thickening mascaras on top of one another and get lashes that look like falsies.

Add baby powder to the mix

An age old trick, as well: dip a non-reusable mascara wand into baby powder, and then shake off the excess. From there, coat your lashes with the wand and then go over them with your favorite mascara.

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