Open Thread: Do you feel prettier with longer hair?

Beauty & Style | 10/07/2015 | 10:17 AM EDT

Is Longer Hair Really That Much Better?

It’s seems as though this season’s hair trend is screaming “less is more”. For a few years now, we’ve watched the trend of over-added weave (and it’s nothing wrong with this). But, lately, it seems like women are feeling way more comfortable with shorter, or even chin-length hair. And despite the hair trend of the moment, so many women are looking better with shorter hair than with longer tresses.

I for one can attest that while I don’t like to admit this, I feel like I look so much better with my natural chin-length hair. But, then, I can’t deny the glamour that longer, fuller hair adds to any look. At least for me. And that’s what I’ve been toying around with after taking my weave out last week.

Do I think I really look better with longer hair, or has that been the default idea I’ve grown accustomed to?

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I’m starting to think the latter. And I’m not shunning extensions. No, not ever. I live for a moment to change up my look through something as easy as hair or makeup. But, I’m also growing into a space where I like doing and dealing with my hair. The premises of me starting to wear weaves, besides the fact that I at times just want a longer length, really came from me not wanting to do my hair. I’m lazy. Seriously lazy.

But, something is changing and the more I look at myself without the weave that usually adds about 10 inches, the more I like the way I look without the add length.

It’s almost weird for me because I’ve never and will never be that woman who makes anyone believe that adding to their beauty is wrong or a sign of insecurity. Like the age old saying, “girls just wanna have fun”. Beauty and makeup and hair; they’re fun.

But I can’t deny that lately, I’ve been giddy to have more fun with my own hair and it’s natural length, and this week without a weave in almost 6 months, I’m doing just that.

Centric ladies, do you feel prettier with longer hair? 

(Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for amfAR)

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