Could cornrows ever make a real comeback?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette | 10/05/2015 | 10:14 AM EDT

Can grown women rock cornrows and look chic?

The 90s were a time for black lip liner, baby hairs and cornrows. We lived for the around-the-way girl trends. But, the majority of them blossomed in the 90s and stayed there. For the better, of course.

And then, something happened. Baby hairs became a thing again and monochromatic overtly lined lips were once again accepted in today’s beauty world. But what we weren’t sure we’d see again were cornrows. Because, let’s be honest: they’re sort of a childhood thing. 

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But, leave it to Zendaya (who is, yes, a late teenager, but oh so fashionable) to show us grown women how we can actually rock cornrows and still look chic as hell.

Zendaya is the master of trying out new looks, and being unafraid to do so. But, what she has also figured out is how to show the diversity in how Black women can rock their hair.

And we love her for it.

Her straight back cornrows, seen at Paris Fashion Week, made a little stir, were so everything. It got us to thinking: could grown women rock cornrows and still look fly as hell?

Sound off Centric fam: would you all rock these slick, straight back cornrows like Zendaya, or would you leave this trend for the teens? 

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