What Is A Holistic Facial?

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/23/2015 | 03:21 PM EDT

Ladies say hello to this budding beauty trend

Often dubbed the “alternative facial”, holistic facials are becoming a go to for women focused on ample skincare without the topical products. But what is a holistic facial and how does it differ from a normal facial?


For starters, a holistic facial consists of a more natural relaxing method to help release the tighten muscles in our faces, increase blood circulation in the skin and promote detoxification of the body. Holistic facials differ from normal facials because they use essential oils (instead of pre-made products) on the patient’s skin. Basically, you’re getting a facial that will never use chemicals or any type of unnatural products.


The steps for a holistic facial are very similar to a normal one. There is a message, double cleanse, moisturizer and toner applied to the skin. However, with a holistic facial, there may be aromatherapy, lymphatic massages and even acupressure massages where your esthetician uses pressure point treatment to release tension in the face and body, added to your session.


The primary purpose is to really provide an organic, natural and deeply wholesome facial session. If you’re one who is dedicated to only putting essential oils and all natural products and formulas on her face, the holistic facial really may be the experience you’ve been looking for. 

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