3 Things to Do With Unwanted Makeup

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/22/2015 | 11:30 AM EDT

We think it’s safe to say that many women purchase makeup they soon realize they don’t need or want. But most of us never want to just throw the makeup out. As a beauty editor, I’ve always wondered what to do with all of the makeup I have on deck that I know I’ll never need.


So, for you ladies looking for a way to get rid of makeup without wasting your money, we found few good ways to do so.


Ask your family members if they’d like it

You never know who may be in your family that would love to get their hands on the latest Marc Jacobs lipstick, but really can’t afford to. Plus, most of our family members probably don’t have as much time to go out and purchase makeup like we may be able to. Ask your family members if they’d like to either come over and raid your beauty bins, or if they would possibly know someone who would benefit from the makeup. You’ll be surprised at the response.


Have a cute beauty sale

Stock up on cheap wine, pull out the cheese and crackers and set up a cute beauty sale in your apartment or home. Invite only, of course. Price away your unwanted beauty products from $1, $3 to $5 and watch the women swarm in. The great thing about this is that they know they’ll be getting decent products for cheap. However, if they somehow realize that they’re not interested in the products any longer, they won’t feel bad about only spending a few bucks.


Donate the products

Many organizations, like Dress for Success, or even shelters for women love to take in makeup for their ladies. It will usually have to be unused or unopened, which makes sense. The best bet is to call ahead and ask what they may need and schedule a day to drop off the products you’re willing to give away. 

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