5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom And Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/15/2015 | 02:40 PM EDT

Relax, relate, release...

Have you ever visited a fabulous hotel or spa and thought to yourself: I wish I could make my bathroom look this beautiful? Well, now we’re offering you 5 key ways you can. Follow along!


Invest in chic vanity lighting:

Pretty lighting can be uplifting your mood instantly. Whether it’s simplistic vanity lights, a hanging affordable chandelier or standing lights that resemble palm trees, beautiful lighting can really make your bedroom look fancy. It’s also one of the most affordable ways to spruce up any room.


Add a touch of faux flowers:

Unless you’re the type who wants to remember to water her flowers every other day, you can really add a touch of femininity to your room and bathroom with fake flowers. Place them in the corners of tub, on top of your medicine cabinet, or by your bedroom windows. They’ll instantly give the spa appeal.


Accent with candles:

In addition to smelling like a spa, candles set the mood and remind you to relax the moment you step into your sanctuary. Play around with sizes, chic candleholders and various scents.


Invest in fabulous bed set:

Target has some of the best affordable bed sets that look luxe. Department stores are also a good go-to for luxurious bed sets without the luxurious price. Opt for colors like clean white, soft blues, pastel yellows and even light greens. They’re calming and always look beautiful in a well-lit room.


Purchase really pretty curtains:

We’re talking ruffles, floor length styles and even patterns. Some of the better colors are white, light greys, and even soft golds and creams. You’ll change the way your room looks and feels immediately. 

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