3 Things You Can Do With Vaseline (And One You Shouldn’t)

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/15/2015 | 02:51 PM EDT

We all know the story: my grandmother used to put vaseline on her face everyday, and she aged perfectly. Been there, heard that. But, the deal with Vaseline being a go-to skincare product has been challenged, supported, unsupported, and then supported again. Many beauty experts have different takes on Vaseline and when and where women should really be using them.


For starters, let us just say that Vaseline is not an eco-friendly product created specifically for skincare. Sorry ladies. Vaseline actually is just petroleum jelly and a by-product of the oil refining process. It’s sold at drugstores, almost as a “well, we don’t have anything else to do with it” notion, since it’s formed at the bottom of oil rigs. But, its sort of undesirable, and that’s why they usually just bottle it up and sell it. Of course Vaseline is purified and goes through the refining process, but, at the end of the day, it was never really created for skincare. It just happened to become a number go-to product for women of our grandmother (and possibly mother’s) generation, and well, most of them still look fabulous.


But, we’ve been debating the whole “slather Vaseline on your face” idea for some time. It’s not horrible for you; it’s just not the end all when it comes to daily skincare.


Our verdict, after hearing from the experts and researching as much as possible, gives us three possible amazing ways to actually use Vaseline and not feel icky about it.


Use it to prevent breakouts at night:

On a super clean face, apply Vaseline on your skin to protect it from “outside” agents that could irritate the skin. Remember, Vaseline creates a barrier between your skin and the environment. So, this is probably the only way we’d want you to wear Vaseline on your face.


Use it to remove makeup:

When all else fails and you’ve run out of makeup remover, use Vaseline to get it off. But, please be sure to do a deep (even double) cleanse after. You really don’t want to leave any Vaseline residue on your skin when it’s not clean.


Use it to keep those feet, elbows, and knees ultra moisturized:

Ah, another amazing way to get rid of ash in those hard to moisturize places. For your feet, after getting out of the shower, rub Vaseline over them and cover with socks. Your feet will be super soft in the morning. If you want, do the same with your hands after a long week’s worth of work. It’s like a spa treatment at home…for free.


The one way you shouldn’t use it:


As a daily moisturizer:

Like mentioned before: Vaseline is a barrier from the environment. A protectant. It doesn’t allow moisture to seep into your skin. It only protects outside agents from irritating your skin. With that said, using Vaseline as a daily moisturizer is not the way to go. You want a moisturizer that seeps into your skin, below the surface and promotes moisture from within. You don’t want anything sitting on top of your skin, which is what Vaseline essentially does.


So ladies, while our grandmother’s were right, to some extent, about using Vaseline to keep their faces wrinkle free, we now know what not to do with Vaseline. 

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