4 Alternative Ways To Remove Hair Without Shaving

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/14/2015 | 01:48 PM EDT

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

It’s summer, and the obsession with hair removal is real. While many women resort to shaving because it’s quick, efficient and affordable, the results of removing hair by shaving are not the best. So, we dived into a bit of information for alternative ways that women can remove their unwanted body (and facial) hair, without shaving.


The art of removing hair with 100% cotton thread is not new to the world, but has witnessed a huge boom in cities like New York. While threading is probably best for removing facial hair, such as your eyebrows, lips and even sideburns, it’s a great alternative for those who are pretty much over shaving. And yes, don’t get it twisted: some women do shave their sideburn hair and slight mustache hair.


This technique is very similar to waxing; instead the sugar paste-like gel only sticks to your hair and not your skin when being ripped off. The pain is a bit less than that of waxing, thus making this a pretty cool DIY hair removal project. If you’re scared of getting the typical wax around your bikini area, we’d suggest trying sugaring first. It may be a tad more expensive because it’s not easy to find in salons. But, once you do, we’re sure you’ll fall in love.


The most common way to remove unwanted hair is waxing. Although many women will choose to stick with this, we do know how painful waxing can be. It’s relatively inexpensive and really does get rid of unwanted hair quickly and smoothly. However, waxing can be very painful, especially in the bikini area.

Depilatory Cream:

You’ve probably seen creams like this such as Nair. The way these creams work is by dissolving the hair that you’re trying to remove, keeping you away from painful experiences like waxing and threading. The biggest con about these creams, however, is that they can sting when used on sensitive surfaces. You should not use depilatory creams to give yourself a Brazilian wax. Bikini area only ladies. Plus, you should also stay away from using these creams on your face. Underarms, legs and bikini lines only. Another tip: use towards the end of your shower so that the hair you are trying to remove easily dissolves.

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