The Foundation Breakdown: Satin, Matte, and Dewy Foundations

Beauty & Style | Melanie Yvette Martin | 07/13/2015 | 03:04 PM EDT

Foundation is the first step to perfect makeup. While most of you all have the foundation thing down pact, we wanted to offer those of you who don’t the quick, ultimate breakdown to understanding the best foundation for your skin.

The first step to that is understanding the different types of foundations and their finishes. So, let’s go.

Matte Foundation

What it is: Foundations that offer medium to full coverage that do not have any shine to them.

The type of finishes they offer: Soft, no shine with a minimalist effect.

Best skin types: Women with oily and combination skin (an oily t-zone and normal outer zone), would most likely love this finish. However, we must say that even women with drier skin can pull this look off with a good layer of moisture underneath.

Skin types to stay away: Women with wrinkles or craters in their face would want to stay away because the finish may highlight those imperfections.


Satin Foundation:

What it is: A foundation in between dewy and matte that offers a soft, shimmery effect and not a glowing, luminous one.

The type of finishes they offer: Soft finishes with a minimal glow and sheer effect.

Best skin types:  All skin types look great with a satin finish. If you’re oily, the powder that you’ll apply over a satin finish will help absorb excess oil while offering a natural glow. If you’re skin is dry, this finish will offer a touch of shimmer.

Skin types to stay away: None, but if you don’t like wearing heavy makeup, a satin finish may not be for you.


Dewy Foundation:

What it is: A foundation with a glossy, youthful, glowy finish. It exudes a lot of radiance and adds a lot of moisture to the skin. It also is usually a medium to full coverage foundation; a bit on the heavier side.

The type of finishes they offer: Glossy, youthful and glowing.

Best skin types: Perfect for women with dry skin or even combination skin.

Skin types to stay away: Women with excess oily skin may not like the dewy effect. While they may want to have the option of showcasing a glowing complexion, their best bet would be to go with a satin finish, not dewy. Plus, if you use this while having oily skin, you’ll have to add a powder to balance out the oils in the makeup and in your face, and that may make you look like you’re wearing too much makeup.


Now that we’ve broken down the types of foundation finishes that are offered, we hope all of you ladies can find your best foundation yet. 

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